Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Update to Construction

With the beginning of construction looming in a few weeks, small groups of members have been working at the Sahyun Library to clear the Fireside, Family History, and Librarian rooms that will be renovated, and to consolidate patron services in the back of the stack room.  And we’ve been having more fun than a member has the right to have!

            John Fritsche was the big lifter in the first of these work sessions, all coordinated by Jim Friestad.  While Louise Matz and Cari Thomas made boxes, Gary Matz, Art Sylvester, and Jim filled those boxes with periodicals.

John dollied the boxes out to a storage room where he offloaded the dolly and stacked the boxes – about 280 of them!  Jan Cloud and Louise supervised what went into the boxes in the first place.

            In the second session, Bob Lynn was the big lifter, being everywhere to wield a screwdriver, a crowbar, a screwdriver, and then truck disassembled bookcases and tables out to the lath house for storage.  Gary Matz, Art Sylvester, and Jim were also ever present to help him by lifting on the other ends of furniture.  Meanwhile, Cari Thomas, Marj Friestad, Kathie Morgan, and Joan Treloar moved the small stuff, such as drawers, pictures, and the paper cutter, but including the copy machine.  Meanwhile, three rapt patrons were oblivious of this beehive of activity and were busily looking for ancestors on the computers.

            What’s next?  Demolition! as soon as the demolisher returns from his honeymoon in early September.

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