Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Researching at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City

The Society's annual trek this year to Salt Lake City was from May 12 to May 19.  There were 16 of us this year traveling by various means; some came by car, but most of us by plane.  It's only a two-hour flight direct from Santa Barbara on Delta, but it's a two-day drive by car. Plan your trip now for next year's trek, which will be from May 25 returning on June 1, 2011. The following photos were taken by Rosa Avolio and Dorothy Oksner.  
Long corridors of microfilm in drawers are on the second floor for US and Canada, the film numbers for which are on the hundreds of computers on each floor.

Images from the films can be saved to a thumb or flash drive saving printing costs. But printed copies are only 5 cents each. A $3 card can last for several days and you can review the printed hard copies at night more easily than from your thumb drive using your laptop in your hotel room (if you brought your laptop to SLC, that is).

The Sorensen DNA class was among several classes offered. Christie, Marj, Jim and Dorothy learned a little more about DNA.  Patsy attended the Swedish Research classes.  Classes on Wales and Scotland research were offered as well. 

Of course, we had to eat occasionally to maintain stamina, so at lunch time we all walked over to the Office Building cafeteria where we could get a variety of meal selections at half the cost.  On Thursdays they served prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy with one side dish for $7.  Joanne, Patsy and Mae are enjoying prime rib.  

Walking back to the Library from lunch, Helen got her photo snapped to send to her husband and son.
On Sundays the Library is closed, so in the morning some of us went to the Tabernacle to hear The Spoken Word and the  Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing.  In the afternoon we went shopping in the Gateway Mall several blocks away and near the Union Pacific train station, a well-preserved but empty station.
Since the mall wasn't open until noon, we settled for drinks at Starbucks.  Christie, Joanne, Mae and Marj are resting in the shade, and they hadn't even begun to shop!

The fountain in the mall danced up and down to the music, and later children enjoyed playing in the spouting water.

Our hosts and caretakers, Marj and Jim.  We are all looking forward to the next  research trip in May 2011.  Contact Jim for particulars at ronjim@cox.net.

Relaxing in the hotel before the trip home are Christie, Rosa and Kathy.

Leaving for home on the last day. Mary looks too happy.  It's been quite a week.