Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Treats at the December 18 meeting

Our December 18th meeting got off to a great start with music by keyboardist Konrad Kono.

Members' treasure display

DNA SIG group (what are alleles again?)

Jeff showing photos of his new son
President Mary and VP Marie Sue setting up for the program

Ready to go!

Jim Wilson shared "Unexpected Tidbits," another example of serendipitous finds that often follow family historians.
George showed us a "German Village Welcome" his family experienced when visiting his mother's ancestral home.
Kristin recalled a few treasures - rocks, miniature porcelain shoes, husbands - collected by her grandmother.
Dixie shared stories from her grandfather to remind us it's the "Little Things Mean a Lot."
Brian offered insight into his ancestor, "Loyalist Moses Dunbar: A Tragedy meant for a Poet's Pen."