Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ground Breaking at the Sahyun on April 11, 2010

Over   60 members and guests attended the Ground-Breaking event at the Sahyun Library on Sunday, April 11, 2010. Joining in the breaking of ground in   preparation for the construction of a new wing for the  genealogical   library, they took golden shovels in hand and had fun in turning over  the dirt.  A lot of dirt was shoveled! It was even reported in Eastman's newsletter and on edhat.com.

President Art Sylvester and Campaign Co-Chairs Michol Colgan and Jan Cloud turned over the first shovelfuls.

Then our new contractor, Tony Shurer, and our architect, Gary Jensen joined in.

And even more members joined in including major benefactors. The yellow safety helmets made the event even more fun. Oh, watch out.. . . A falling avocado!

A toast was made to the impending construction of the new wing.

 Art Sylvester and and First District Supervisor Salud Carbahal are going to work on Salud's family history.  Salud joined us in this ground-breaking event. 

Cari, Ken Pat and Christie enjoy snacks and champagne. 

Cheryl, Richard and Liz may be expecting rain..

Jim and Michol may be planning a wine tasting event. . . . don't know.

Thelma and Gloria share their interest in family history.

Elaine and Lydie are discussing the intricacies of flower arranging (I'm sure) as Lydie is our expert for our society.

Laura, Marsha and Jim are discussing Jim's Family Tree Maker class. When is he going to teach another one?

Emily, Kathie and Rosa are nursing their champagne.

Inside, Susan greets members and accepts pledges. Good for you, Susan.

Back in the kitchen, Cari cleans up with Marj.  Way to go, gals. Is that bottle empty? Need some help with that?