Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Genies Are Making Genealogical Magic Happen Right Here in Santa Barbara

Let 'genie buddies' at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society show you the way to your past. 
Genies are making magic happen right here in Santa Barbara. These genies don’t live in a lamp. In fact, they have a spacious, well-lit and inviting work area they call the Sahyun Genealogical Library at 316 Castillo St. click here for full story

Friday, April 13, 2012

After 72 years, 1940 Census released: Genealogical society mining data for local gems

Item in the Santa Barbara Newspress........

By CAROLYN BOLTON news-press staff writer

April 5, 2012 6:15 AM

A rule keeping its most personal information a secret for 72 years having passed, the 1940 U.S. Census is now available to the public.

The data was made available Monday and people with an eye toward yesterday are mining it, to see what secrets it might reveal.

Among the organizations ready to help everyone dig deeper is the nonprofit Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society, which will host 1940 Census open houses later this month at its Sahyun Library, 316 Castillo St. in Santa Barbara.

General information from the 1940 Census, including total population, marital status and top industries has long been available. But privacy concerns spurred the 72-year waiting period for release of the manuscript census - individual forms filled out at the time.  to continue reading